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End-to-End Cloud Automation



Create your catalog of services and products and deliver an automated purchasing process for your internal or external customers. Time spent on contracts and paperwork is reduced, and the buying cycle is optimized.


Deployment is much easier and faster as user data is only entered once and the process and communications are automated and optimized. One platform and one common interface for multiple vendors.


Centralized management will reduce cost creep and shadow IT by ensuring that your users are using authorized applications. Automate and delegate daily IT tasks and have visibility of usage and utilization, saving time and reducing costs. 




One Place - For Everything!

Cloudmore enables you to centralize everything into one place: Your cloud services, custom products and services such as professional services and hardware, and of course, your users. Giving you visibility, control, and automation that significantly reduces time, risk and cost.

Functionality is tailored for the administrator, manager, and user, so they are encouraged to securely self-serve for day-to-day purchases and changes.

The platform is delivered as a SaaS service, so upfront costs are kept to a minimum. Cloudmore still has the flexibility to integrate with your services and systems allowing the complete the marketplace experience for your business..




Some of our Integration Partners

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